iPhone and iPad compatible Jackpot City Casino Mobile Browser Review

Jackpot City Casino is an absolute gem in the world of online gambling. Launched in 1998, this website has gone through so many iterations to become where it is now. In fact, the website is constantly undergoing major changes on all levels from its design and functionality to how it accommodates members. Any online gambling aficionado will tell you that the Jackpot City Casino offers some of the best online casino gambling around. With several thousand members, many of which are players from all over the world, this online casino is the place to go when you want to play the hottest games in town.

jackpot city casino mobile

One of the best things about the Jackpot City Casino mobile is that it allows its players to play the same games they enjoy at the actual website. This means that any of the best casino games that you enjoy can be played while you are on the go. The first time I saw this feature I was surprised; however, after using the application for a few weeks, I started to see how handy it could be. For example, if you wanted to see a special slot machine but were traveling on business I would be able to access the site, register, download the mobile application, and then play the machine while on the go. This was great for me because I had to always be ready to go no matter where I went.

Another wonderful aspect of Jackpot City Casino’s mobile casinos is its loyalty program. With the loyalty program, all of your wins are doubled! This is great because it meant that with just one purchase I would have been able to win a lot more money than I normally do. Another great thing about this casino’s loyalty program is that there are promotions happening constantly, which means that you are guaranteed to get something out of it each month.

The last major feature of the Jackpot City Casino mobile browser is its innovative and unique technology that allows players to play its casino games in a very comfortable environment. Most mobile browsers are either outdated or feature old technology that is very slow to load. Plus with most casinos there is always the concern about someone getting a virus through their computer from one of the download sites. Not so with this casino, because they use an internet security system that is known as WebTrust. This system makes it extremely hard for a hacker to even penetrate its website, because it blocks all of the unnecessary files and websites.

Although the Jackpot City Casino mobile browser is great in it’s own way, it does have it’s drawbacks. The first major problem is that since it doesn’t have its own desktop site you have to access the site through your mobile browser. Since you don’t have your desktop to save your favorite game or movie you won’t be able to save it to your computer. Also since the mobile browser doesn’t support Flash or Java it will take a while for your favorite video to load up.

Another issue that you might run into is that you can’t bet in real time on the mobile browser because it isn’t yet equipped with the ability to do so. In its final form the Jackpot City Casino has an in-app purchase facility but it isn’t available on all devices or at all times. This means that if you want to use the casino on your mobile browser you will have to access the mobile website on another device that is capable of accessing the iTunes app. Unfortunately there are no plug-ins available for the android browser, which means that you will not be able to use all of the features.